About Us

ClimateTrends and Respirer Living Sciences introduce the NCAP Tracker – an online hub for the latest updates in India’s clean air policy. It is designed to track India’s progress in achieving the 2024 clean air targets set under the National Clean Air Programme.

NCAP Tracker enables this by compiling and evaluating various levels of air quality data and closely tracking the effectiveness of the clean air policy. The tracker compiles and analyses information on air quality and budget allocation that is publicly available or provided by the government of India.

Who Should Use The Tracker ?

The tracker aims to keep air quality professionals, researchers, healthcare workers and concerned citizens up-to-date with the latest developments in India’s clean air policy.
Air Quality Professionals
Climate Trends is a communications strategy initiative focussing on building public understanding and a solutions-driven discourse on issues of climate change, environment and clean energy. It helps organisations, think tanks and startups to achieve their communication goals on climate change and clean energy initiatives.

Respirer Living Sciences is a Mumbai Pune based start-up that works in the field of data sciences & technology research for living environments.

CarbonCopy and Respirer Living Sciences are committed to ensuring better access to air quality data and information on the clean air programme, which is critical for enabling the citizens to make informed decisions about their health and enter into a dialogue about the need for clean air for all.