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KMC to survey air pollution sources - Times of India


Kolhapur: The civic body will for the first time study the sources of air pollution, analyse the pollutants and explore measures required to bring down the pollution levels within the tolerable limits.
The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) will hire an agency or educational institute to conduct the survey and prepare the report, an official said.
The city’s air pollution levels have over the years increased following a rise in business and traffic activities.
The air pollution levels are currently measured at Dabholkar Corner and Mahadwar road. Most of the times the particulate matter levels are high than the tolerable limits.
Samir Vyaghrambare, environment officer of the KMC said, “The decision to survey establishments such as bakery units, brick kilns and restaurants where ‘tandoors’ are used and food is cooked on coal has been taken under the National Clean Air Programme. A survey of the city’s traffic hotspots will also be conducted. The air pollutant levels will be measured and analyzed and measures will be adopted to reduce the particulate matters and other pollutants into the air.”
The KMC has undertaken a few works under NCAP, funds for which have been sanctioned by the Centre. To clean the dust and particulate matter from Dabholkar Corner, air filters have been put in place.
A vertical garden is also set up at Bindu Chowk. The KMC has proposed to set up mist fountains to settle the harmful particles down and install sprinklers at the dumping grounds to keep a check on fires.
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