Presenting Findings of Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor Project in India | Webinar

Presenting Findings of Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor Project in India | Webinar

Bloomberg, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and IIT Kanpur will release findings of a pilot study to understand the effectiveness of low cost monitoring sensor based technology for air quality monitoring purposes at a webinar tomorrow, Friday 18th June 2021, 3 PM.

The project was announced by MPCB’s Jt Director-Air, Dr VM Motghare, at a webinar organised by Climate Trends last summer where MPCB partnered with IIT Kanpur to co-locate sensors along with 15 regulatory grade monitors in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The project was operationalised in Nov 2020 and Prof S N Tripathi will share the findings of last 7 months of data to explain how these monitors performed in comparison to regulatory grade CAAQMS systems, also what is the potential of scaling up this technology to meet India’s major gap in monitoring efforts while maintaining cost effectiveness. Four start-ups which have been developing sensor based technology were part of this project to also compare performances of sensor based technology. One of them being our partner for the NCAP Tracker project, Respirer Living Sciences. 

The webinar panel includes Central Pollution Control Board Member Secretary Dr Prashant Gargava, Ministry of Environment’s Jt Secy Naresh Gangwar, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs’ Smart Cities Mission Director Kunal Kumar, NCAP Steering Committee Member Prof S N Tripathi, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) Chairman Sudhir Srivastava and MPCB Jt Director-Air, Dr V M Motghare.

The webinar will be held on Friday, June 18 from 3:00-4:30 PM IST.

The registration link is here. 

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